Trango Ultratape Alpine Equalizer (6')
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    Trango Ultratape Alpine Equalizer (6')

    Style # 26432

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    Product Description

    Trango's Alpine Equalizer is the perfect solution for quickly equalizing up to three placements

    Trango Ultratape Alpine Equalizer Features:

    • Use it on ice or in the alpine for a speedy anchor, carry it on multi-pitch bolt routes for a quick anchor at the belays or use it as a super long runner
    • Based on the R and D work done by Jim Cormier at Cormier Mountaineering, Trango's updated it, lightened it and adapted it to work great in any setting
    • While ideally suited as a self-adjusting anchor system, it can be made non-extending by tying an overhand knot in the center loop (shown) or by clove-hitching at each protection point
    • Style number 26432

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