Liberty Mountain Lightload Towel
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    Liberty Mountain Lightload Towel

    Style # 123433
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    Product Description
    This is the lightest towel around, and it's the only towel that is a survival tool as well. It can be used as insulation, wind/winter scarf, first aid supplement, fire starter, mask, diaper & beauty wrap. It's super-absorbent (up to 10 times it's weight), fast drying, reusable, 100% viscose material. Machine washable. Waterproof packaging ensures a dry towel when you need it.
    Liberty Mountain Lightload Towel Features:
    • Regular Towel is 12" x 24" and weighs .6 oz. - about the size of a wooden nickel.
    • Color: Assorted
    • Style number 123433

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