Gold's Gym Power Series GS 2500 Home Gym - Free Shipping!
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    Gold's Gym Power Series GS 2500 Home Gym - Free Shipping!

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    The Gold's Gym Power Series GS 2500 boasts a number of features. The Vinyl Weight stack allows you to exercise at your own level with up to 150 lbs. of resistance, the Standing Squat Station isolates the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves for muscle strengthening and body-toning results, the High Pulley (15+ exercises) help you target your chest, shoulders, back and triceps by performing pull downs, tricep pushdowns, high chest flies and more, and the Low Pulley (40+ exercises) allows you to focus on your back, shoulders, triceps and chest by performing standing rows, reverse flies, chest presses, triceps, kickbacks and more! The 4-Pad Leg Developer works your quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors, the Ankle and Hand Straps help you get the most from the High and Low Pulleys and the multi position Lat Bar exercises your back, shoulders and arms. To get the most out of your GS 2500 you will receive an Exercise Chart to help you perform each exercise effectively and with its Compact Design, the GS 2500 has a small footprint to help you save space!

    Gold's Gym Power Series GS 2500  Features:

    • Compact Design: Although it is packed with great features that provide a number of gym-quality exercises, the GS 2500 has a small footprint that saves your valuable space.
    • Exercise Chart: Learn which exercises focus on what muscle groups and how to perform each exercise most effectively with this step-by-step exercise chart.
    • Ankle and Hand Straps: To get the most use from the high and low pulleys, this bench comes with ankle and hand straps.
    • 150 lb. Vinyl Weight Stack 
    • Standing Squat Station 
    • Lat Bar 
    • High Pulley (15+ Exercises) 
    • Low Pulley (40+ Exercises) 
    • 4-Pad Leg Developer
    • Style number GGSY2985

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